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The Balthier/Ashe Fan Community

For all fans of the pairing.

The Balthier/Ashe Fan Community <3
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Anybody , Moderated

Welcome to the Balthier/Ashe LJ community! This is an open forum for the posting of discussion, graphics, fanfics, fanart, and other such shinies related to a platonic or romantic Balthier/Ashe relationship from the wonderful game Final Fantasy XII.

No bashing of other members will be tolerated, as this is to remain a friendly and comfortable forum of ideas. Also, bashing of the Balthier/Ashe pairing, without good reason or discussion merit, will also not be tolerated, since that is the point of this community.

If you enjoy the Balthier/Ashe pairing, please join and help us share/spread the love around the 'net!

When posting fics or art, please use the following form and put the art/story behind an LJ-cut:

Story/Art Name:
Fandom: [this should be either FFXII or FFXII: RW]
Rating: [this should be in K, K+, T, M rating styles or G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17]
Characters/pairings: [please list Balthier/Ashe so ff_press picks it up even if there are no other characters and/or pairings!]
Warnings: [such as spoilers, or squicks like sex, gore, etc.]

Other Links of Interest:
-Balthier/Ashe fanlisting
-FF Press on LJ

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!
-Love from your mods katmillia, seadew, and scorpio1995